A woman's name. Intense. Just as the colours of its territory. Refined. Just as its proposals. Amaranta means “something which never withers”. Just as the pine garden where it is immersed. Just as the sensations it brings to life. The flavours, rather than suddenly exploding, grow over time. They know how to last. They know how to travel. Sophisticated dishes, delicately flavoured, unusual balances that juxtapose and merge with time. Each one with its unique identity. Nevertheless, united. Because here the local territory is in constant dialogue with the elsewhere.

Your Food Experience

Start Your journey

We are here for you. We are here to take you on a journey, even though you don't need a car. Yes, because the journey of flavours is a route that opens up thousand roads. A thousand possibilities to choose among and build. We have thought of proposals for any time of day, but it will be up to you to build your own personal journey. With the flavours you want. At the Amaranta Restaurant we will always reserve the same table for you, by the light of a contemporary candle that moves in the sea breeze in a unique ambiance. Otherwise, if you prefer an atmosphere of absolute intimacy in your dehors, our dining room staff will be delighted to serve your dinner at your preferred time.

Our Idea of Cuisine

Local Gourmet

At Amaranta Restaurant, the food takes new shapes and get coloured by unique flavours. That's why, as always in The Begin Hotels restaurants, you can reach the essence: starting from the food, sensations and experiences. And we start, with our Chef Pino Bucci from the original meaning of the word "gourmet", fine and passionate about good things, to decline it in our world. At Amaranta the Local Gourmet takes the stage, or better, the Local Gourmet begin to fly.


When moments are rituals

A true good morning is always made up of special things, small gestures that become special: the smell of coffee, the aroma of a croissant freshly baked by our Chef Pino Bucci. For us, breakfast is a ritual, that's why we have created an express breakfast for you, freshly prepared. You can savour Your personal tray sipping a creamy cappuccino and a fresh-squeezed juice in our dehors, while listening to the chirping in the open air, always at the same table, which we will reserve for You, to let You live a unique experience in complete tranquillity. Otherwise, if you prefer to admire the colours of the park from your terrace or patio, we will arrive whishing you a good morning by knocking on your door at the time you indicate.


Salento is colour

Lunch at Giardino dei Pini is light. But always extremely tasty. The chef Pino Bucci has created delicious dishes, suitable for the hottest hours of the day, presenting the Salento tradition in a colourful way, like our collection of ceramic pumi. A selection of salads, first courses that enhance the goodness of local fish and unique dishes with the flavour of special occasions. Ideal for enjoying under your parasol in our pool garden, just after a dip, or in the privacy of your own terrace thanks to our free room service. Here you can truly enter the world of fast&good. Always with character. Obviously refined.


A Gourmet strolling

As the sun sets over the Ionian Sea, the chef Pino Bucci begins to prepare his most creative dishes. With the precision of a ceramist and the flair of Macchiaioli painters, he recreates a sensation by breaking it down. He collects impressions, transforms them into flavours. He makes them gourmet. In the evening, the Amaranta Restaurant stages a real microcosm: a world of flavours to be discovered in a Journey. A slow journey, like a walk through a garden, where you need to take time to admire the beauty of each flower. The Chef Pino Bucci takes you by the hand and accompanies you into the Gourmet world, without forgetting the flavours of the past. Because experimentation has always started from the roots. Especially in this land, where the roots of secular olive trees are there to witness how tradition gives rise to treasures.

Catering & Banqueting

Your wishes become flavours

Amaranta is a drawing artist. She understands your desires. She turns them into flavours. The Chef Pino Bucci will design a proposal tailored to the event. Whether it is a standing buffet or a gala dinner, the Amaranta Restaurant will take care of the entire organisation, from the menu to the mise en place, proposing the Salento tradition with its meat and fish dishes in a modern and fine dining way. We will be at your disposal in every choice in building the most suitable solution for your needs.

Special Offers & Last minute