A strong land, one of those you cannot identify with pastel colours. Strong in character. Wild, almost. Nevertheless, with a surprising elegance. Most importantly, despite its strength and energy, it is delicate. A land kissed by the sea: over 250 km of coastline and two seas that come together, each with its own characteristics and nuances. The Ionian stretch from Gallipoli to Santa Maria di Leuca is clear blue with its beaches of fine white sand, while the Adriatic part is cobalt blue with its vertiginous rocks that offset the white of the stones. Two different seas. Both crystal clear. A land kissed by Nature: coves and caves where you can find your own corner of Paradise, a textured land that gives life to excellent food and wine acclaimed for their energetic delicacy. A land kissed by culture and the richness of its traditions: a millenary history witnessed by the cave paintings in the caves near Otranto, which then turns into the wonder of Lecce Baroque, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tradition tells of a place full of tarantulas, who now live on in the captivating rhythm of the modern pizzica. A place of absolute wisdom when it comes to turning clay into art. With brightly coloured ceramics. Just like the Salento. Because Salento is truly a land kissed by Beauty. In all its nuances.

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