Welcome to a boutique: an oasis. Contemporary, as the green spaces enveloping the design environments. Evergreen, as the sensations branching out inside: peace, relax and wellness in a trendy environment. Here Nature, Art and Tradition come together. Just as in a garden. Where the land, with its wild Nature meets the sense of protection and intimacy. And, just like every boutique, even this one has its own collection. Its gems, precisely. They are the pumi, the typical flower buds, such traditional ornaments which turn out to be cool with their bright, monochrome character. Colour block. They are disseminated throughout the structure in order to remind that Nature is everywhere here and is so stunning in its simplicity that it becomes Art. A work of Art. Worthy of being framed. The many frames emphasise the centrality of the elements of nature and Salento tradition. They are there to enhance their very essence, the one that remains so over time and in every reinterpretation.

The Structure

A true microcosm

Welcome to our boutique: a microcosm. Secluded and intimate, but still a world. It comes to life from the garden. And becomes a diffuse hotel. The rooms, all with wide spaces, are divided among 6 different bodies, recalling the typical local buildings. With its contemporary design atmosphere, the main building is the perfect place for those seeking a cosmopolitan allure. For those wishing to be literally immersed in the beauty and freshness of the garden, the other five bodies are there to colour the green of the lawn, under the welcoming gaze of the secular olive trees: the perfect place to relax in the evening after a day spent among the Salento coves. The garden is a multifaceted, plural microcosm that speaks to the senses. Starting with the Amaranta Restaurant, with its patio and dining room characterised by the Lecce stone. Friable and soft, just like the Chef's proposal, who presents the richness of Lecce Baroque in a contemporary key. Always balanced and refined. Flavours that explode slowly. Just like walking in a garden. The Hotel Giardino dei Pini is an oasis of relaxation, with a large Wellness area in a separate building, where you can enjoy a wellbeing programme in the large and welcoming Private Spa, regenerate your senses thanks to the extensive menu of treatments and dedicate yourself to a cardio session in the Private Gym. There is also a garden in the garden: as fresh and relaxing as the sound of the water touching the edge of the pool while the background music recalls lounge masterpieces. The pool garden with its palm trees is perfect for the hottest days, when you can enjoy the Salento sun while sipping a cocktail and reaching the crucial page of the novel. The sun is now already high, and this is when the pool bar pampers you with its treats. Always in the same place, under your dedicated parasol. Until the sun starts to set over the Ionian Sea: that is the moment when the music sets the rhythm for an aperitif in our lounge bar. The candles start lighting up. Time to dive in. It's time to open the gate revealing a wonderful land. The Garden is here for you. Welcome to our Boutique of Nature.

The Begin Hotels

Embrace your Senses


Graceful as the flight of a butterfly resting on a flower. Deep souls, independent souls that come together to create a highly refined bouquet. A gentle and delicate flight, which ties all the structures into a single great embrace, made of pure intimate atmospheres, where you can escape, but still feel at home.


The first chain but-not-chain in Italy, based on the enhancement of individuality and uniqueness, far from standardisation and uniformity. The Begin Hotels believes Hospitality is an Art. Tailor-made.
Its Boutique hotels revitalise traditional Hospitality values to mould them to new contexts, new needs and desires. Here nothing is aseptic, everything is natural. Familiar yet professional. You experience the “Here For You” concept, the pleasure of service. Between traditional values and future visions. The hotel then becomes, at the same time, a place to escape from the daily routine and the place where you feel at ease from the very first second. A place spreading harmony. A place able to embrace. Because here, the real exclusivity is about being inclusive.

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