Breathe. You are in a garden, surrounded by Nature. You can hear the sea waves, moving lightly in the sunset breeze. Take some time. Relax. An entire spa is exclusively for you. Embark on your own journey of sense harmony. Enjoy a unique experience in the hydrotherapy pool, Turkish bath, and Roman sauna. Regenerate yourself with the emotional showers, the Kneipp path and the chromotherapy cabin. Find your own moment of lightness in the floatation pool and savour the taste of total relax in our herbal tea corner. We are here for you. With our treatments using local essential oils, with our massages with relaxing scents. Breathe.

Kneipp Path, Experience Showers

Water Caresses

It is an ancient tradition renewed. Back in Roman times, they based their wellbeing on the water beneficial effect, which gently caresses the body, easing tension and giving an immediate feeling of relaxation. Today, those same properties, combined with the action of many water jets and the myriad of tiny bubbles, create a whirlpool effect that combines with the chromotherapy power to eliminate stress and anxiety and rediscover the real self.

Turkish Bath and Roman Sauna
Enveloping Feeling

Your body calm down, your breath becomes more fluent, your muscles relax, tensions disappear. In this corner of the Private Spa, between sauna and hammam, two traditions meet: the Nordic and the Mediterranean. Two different ways of using heat to regenerate the body and mind. Enveloped in the steam's caresses and its detoxifying and toning effects. Because "Mens sana in corpore sano". From Juvenal until today.

Turkish Bath, Roman Sauna

Let yourself be pampered

Our body changes, our breath becomes fluid, muscles relax, tensions disappear, we drain and tone at the same time. The treatment offers a glimpse of light in the sky of impurities that pollute our bodies. Cuddled by music, the steam caresses and immersed in nebulised essences, we will find absolute relaxation to regenerate body and mind thanks to our exclusive Roman Sauna and Turkish Bath, surrounded by the tranquillity of our nature.

Floating Area

The unbelievable lightness of being

You enter a different dimension. A hanging parenthesis. Where tensions and stress disappear, where even the body weight is cancelled out. In the flotation tank, you can achieve the deepest relaxation and contact with your inner self thanks to the special concentration of salts in the water. In an atmosphere that gradually fades external stimuli until they are completely gone, floating with its rocking and zero gravity leads you to explore the special relationship with your body, rediscovering energy, and vitality.

Relax Zone

Total mental and physical rest

The constant search for our guests' wellness is the basis of our philosophy, that’s why, in addition to taking care of every single detail and offering a targeted and personalised treatment, we have decided to create a new relaxation area. An area dedicated to total mental and physical rest, accompanied by soft lighting and the possibility of replenishing fluids by savouring our tasty herbal teas. You can enjoy a special experience, in complete peace and safety, to be shared with your partner and pampered in an environment created for total relaxation or share the joy and pleasure of being together only with your family.

Chromotherapy Cabin

The colour power

Giardino dei Pini, as we know, starts from ancient traditions, and gives them a contemporary twist. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had already discovered the benefits of colours on the psychophysical state of the individuals. Based on the principles of chromotherapy, the colours in the cabin help the body and mind to regain their balance, stimulating the subconscious sensory components capable of giving well-being.

Opening hours

Menu spa

We are open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. We reserve for each room the possibility of enjoying the wellness path in a Private Spa formula. In order to handle all requests and sanitise the rooms before and after each use, access is by appointment only. For those wishing to delight in special relaxing or energising treatments, our Spa Manager has created a dedicated menu to tickle the senses. We would be pleased to provide further details by contacting us on +39.0833.931209.


Mens sana in corpore sano. Especially if the atmosphere is intimate and the space is large.

In our Wellness area you will find an exclusive room with state-of-the-art equipment for your workouts. On our multifunctional playground, located away from the reception, you can engage in real adrenalin-filled challenges in tennis or five-a-side football court. For those who prefer to work out in the open air, the dedicated spaces in our garden are perfect for free-body exercises in total concentration and tranquillity.

Special Offers & Last minute