We are here for you. To give you a relaxing break, to think about yourself without any worries. We are here for you to discover the richness of a land. We are here to make you listen to how restful is the sound of the sea mixed with the sound of the trees. How seductive is the scent of pine trees and Mediterranean scrub. How beautiful it is to take a break and have time: to read a book, to sip a cocktail at sunset, to indulge in some lounge music. We are here to pamper you.

Our Beaches selection

Thousand shades of blue

Giardino dei Pini has selected the best beaches in the area: long and sandy beaches on the Ionian coast of Salento where the sea breeze draws exotic corners, sea with a thousand shades of blue, natural landscapes and wild dunes. For information and booking please contact the reception.

Large Garden Spaces

A garden for everyone

You're in a garden. Secluded and intimate. And, just like any garden, it has wonderful corners to discover. We have large spaces that give you air, that let you breathe. Corners where you can stop and read a book, green spaces where you can exercise, do yoga or simply relax. We have many spaces for you. In all of them you can relax. Each plant has its own place, here it was born. Each Guest has its own rhythm, its own dimensions. Our commitment, therefore, is to make you feel in the ideal place for his holiday or business stay. The outdoor park is equipped with a swimming pool, a tennis court, a football pitch and a cocktail bar.

Reserved areas

Your garden: intimate and protected

Whether you prefer to eat in our Lecce stone dining room or in our spacious gardens, we have decided to dedicate the same table to you, well separated from the others, for the duration of your stay. In this way, as well as being in total safety, we are sure you will appreciate even more the private atmosphere created. Even in our Pool Garden, each room will always have the same parasol with a dedicated area of at least 20 square metres. As well as sunbeds and parasols, the space is designed so that you can enjoy your meal in complete safety, in your own shaded area.


Your safety first

In addition to the normal room cleaning products, we have included specific sanitising detergents with biocidal action, the same as those used in hospitals. The contemporary design of the room furniture has smooth surfaces, which are well suitable for sanitising. To minimise the risk of infection, we removed all cushions and decorative elements, as well as all paper material. Yes, we love aesthetics, but your safety always comes first.

Air purifiers


In order to guarantee you maximum safety, we will sanitise your room with special hydroxyl machines before your arrival. Hydroxyls are particles that are normally found in nature, thanks to the action of ultraviolet rays from the sun, able to eliminate germs and bacteria. In addition, in our common areas, we have raised the air exchange rate to 100% and installed UV lamps to purify the air passing through the air conditioning systems. We have adopted a strict protocol with very high standards to guarantee you a safe, intimate stay.

Special Offers & Last minute